Watch Or Drop 100% Teacher Pascal: Am I Stuck In A Time Loop?

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This segment is usually called First Impressions but I decided to change the title because it felt more fitting. The point of these posts is that after watching three episodes I decide if I’m going to continue or if I’m going to drop it like it never existed. So there’s the thought process on the name change.

100% Teacher Pascal is in the hot seat this week. This show has 36 episodes and each episode is 12 min long including the opening and ending songs. This could certainly be a binge worthy show.

“Pascal-sensi has been the teacher for Kinoeda Grade School’s class 4-1. Pascal-sensei speaks very nicely but the gap between what he says and does is super extreme. Days filled with fussy gags involving a student from class 4-1, Hayato-kun, is about to begin.” -Crunchyroll

Guys, how can a show that’s only 12 minutes long feel like it takes 6 hours? I am truly baffled by this. It was honestly agonizing for me to get through three episodes. That’s only 36 minutes of my life, less if I fast-forward through the opening song and skip the ending song and yet each episode felt like years off my life. I didn’t even watch all three in the same day! I couldn’t do it. I had to watch one a day just to get through it.

100% Teacher Pascal2
…Kind of how I feel about this show…

Do you remember that feeling you’d get in school when the teacher was lecturing and the clock would say ten minutes left till recess but she just kept going and going and GOING and it felt like time just stopped? Like years were passing you by and you were just stuck in this never ending lecture time loop! That’s what watching this show was like for me!

It was soooo boring! It was so unexciting that half the time I didn’t know what was going on and I’d have to rewatch parts but it was like rereading the same line of a book and not getting anywhere with it. I would rewatch a scene but couldn’t bring myself to focus enough in what was happening. Nothing about this show could hold my attention.

Not the art, story, characters, voice actors, it was all just a total miss for me. It just wasn’t funny or entertaining, it was just there. Like the show just exists and that is the only thing it had going for it. The fact that it is there humming in the background like white noise.

Actually that’s the perfect description of it! Is not like I hate this show or anything like that it’s just that it’s boring. It is the white-noise of anime watching. You can have it on in the background and you’d barely notice it until someone shut it off and then you’d be like, “Doesn’t it seem quite in here?” But then go about your day and probably forget all about it.

If you can’t tell by now this is a drop for me all the way. If you’ve watched this show before though and really enjoyed it make sure to comment below with what makes this show fun so that readers can get multiple viewpoints. Just because I found it boring doesn’t mean everyone will. Clearly somebody was interested because they made 36 episodes!



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2 thoughts on “Watch Or Drop 100% Teacher Pascal: Am I Stuck In A Time Loop?

  1. I remember seeing promotional materials for this show and literally thinking “nothing about this looks interesting.” And that was the promotional materials! I guess maybe “it exists might actually NOT be something in this shows favor…

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