One Piece Thriller Bark Season Five: PS Zoro Is The GOAT


I am back with more One Piece. I still can’t get over the cliffhanger season four left us on with Ace. I wish we’d be getting right to that in Thriller Bark but does One Piece ever make it that easy? Of course not.

This will not contain Thriller Bark spoilers but it is written with the idea that readers have seen the first four seasons. If you’re new to One Piece please start here with my review of first season.

While who knows what is going on with Ace, Luffy and crew find themselves in their own predicament. While heading towards the New World they come face to face with… A GHOST SHIP! Or so they think at first but there is so much more going on than meets the eye. This adventure takes them to one of Choppers idols, Doctor Hogback but it appears that the Doctor has his own secrets worth keeping. What is really going on at Thriller Bark?

The Luffy Crew’s very lives are at stake and things only get worse when The Straw Hats learn that one of the infamous Warlords, Gecko Moria is also slithering about the island. This isn’t the first time Luffy has tangled with a Warlord but it’s clear that Gecko is a beast of a different matter. As if all of that wasn’t bad enough is it possible that another Warlord might be in the mix?

This was certainly a fun arc although I did have some complaints. My biggest one is that I don’t think I can ever forgive the writers for how much screen time they gave Usopp’s fight against Perona. I mean can we even call it a fight? It was basically a zillion episodes of Usopp running and periodically turning around and throwing out some move that stops her for two seconds before he starts running again. Gaaaaah! It was awful you guys!

Thriller Bark3

Maybe I’m still upset about him leaving The Straw Hats for his brief period last season. I mean don’t get me wrong I understand that needing a new ship was heartbreaking but what the hell Usopp!? Luffy was upset about the situation as well but as the captain he has to keep the safety of the entire crew in mind. Usopp’s expectation that they would just take the Going Merry and try to make it to the New World when he knew damn well that ship would sink killing everyone onboard was just ridiculous. Not to mention selfish. He was not the only one that cared about that ship and everyone recognized the ship as another member of the crew.

It was a great plot line though. I was completely invested! I’m still not over it if you can’t tell so I might be holding a smidge of a grudge against Usopp this season. I am able to recognize that but I think we can all agree he is one of The Straw Hats weakest fighters so watching a fight arc with him that lasts multiple episodes was not stimulating in the least.

No if you want real action just wait tell the end!

I know my man Luffy is usually pulling out some kick ass fight sequences but MVP for The Straw Hat Crew goes to my main man Roronoa Zoro! As you all know he is one of my favorite characters on the show and this season just proved it all over again. I cannot believe how amazing he is during this season especially at the end. I completely adore him and his loyalty to Luffy and The Straw Hats. I always think of Zoro as Luffy’s second in command and the way he handles himself during Thriller Bark is why. You all will not be disappointed with Zoro this season… Although to be fair are you ever?

Thriller Bark2
I love you. That is all.

If you like zombies, fight scenes, and Zoro this is the season for you. Have fun with it Grimms!


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4 thoughts on “One Piece Thriller Bark Season Five: PS Zoro Is The GOAT

  1. omg so my baby Zoro againnnnnn and I have to agree that his scene made me cryyyyy huhu I can still feel the chills just by remembering him. I don’t really care about Usopp’s part but I just noticed that they are starting to look weak. I mean because the enemies are becoming stronger and stronger. So, I think they need to be stronger too and go out of the box.
    So far, I am still enjoying One piece. I am enjoying it better than I expected. I thought that I’ll get bored in the middle of watching it but the excitement is just adding up.

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    1. I know! It still gives me chills too and the fact he never says anything about what he did makes him even cooler! I agree as they continue it is telling how much more they are having to struggle. It some very good foreshadowing!

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