Collar X Malice: Ummm… Do You Have A Death Wish?

Welcome back Grimms!

It’s Monday which means we get to dish otome style. Collar X Malice has been keeping us completely occupied over these past few weeks which has been okay by me. This game has 100% been my favorite birthday present. I can’t believe I didn’t play it sooner.

Just a friendly reminder that I’m writing these posts in the order that you should play in. If you have never played this game before please start with my Mineo post first and then head on to my Takeru post. This lovely route that you’re reading right now should be played third. During this game you are trying to figure out who is behind the terrifying X-Day incidents that have plagued you’re city. The results of these terrorist attacks have left the public on edge with a deep mistrust of law enforcement. The police have had no luck tracking the perpetrators and this caused so much panic that the city is put on lockdown and completely quarantined from the rest if Japan! To add fuel to the fire the government also decided to repeal the gun safety laws and have instead issued every citizen their own gun in order to protect themselves.

Basically their living in the Wild West Japanese style!

We’re on the third route of Collar X Malice now and I would like to remind everyone that each post is written in the order it should be played. Since Kei Okazaki is recommended as the third route played this route is written with the expectation that you have played through the first two routes. If you are new to this game please start with my first post on the subject to stay spoiler free!

Kei Okazaki


Oh, lord to we have our hands full with this one! As each route is played the story goes deeper and deeper. We learn a lot in Kei’s route about X-Day and Adonis which is why you shouldn’t play him first if you can help it. You’ll see a lot of spoilers about the first two routes if you do. The fun thing about this game is how they take the same story and unravel a bit more each time. During Mineo and Takeru’s route we start to explore certain themes like what justice means. We also touch on corruption within organizations that are supposed to keep us safe. Kei is no different in the fact that his route will also bring up these questions. Kei goes further though and also explores what is we call duty and how it should be expressed.

Kei is also unique character in this story because he is the only one who isn’t officially with Aiji and his crew. While the rest of the characters are trying to work outside of law enforcement in order to bring down Adonis Kei is working strictly with the government. In fact his actual job is to watch the rest of the characters and make sure they’re not going to far outside the law. This proves a challenge for the MC because while Mineo and Takeru know about her collar she isn’t allowed to tell Kei. This leads to some interesting encounters later on.

Kei is a fun character to play through and I will be honest his Bad End had me in tears. Honestly the expression, “I was shooketh” is completely acceptable here. The thing about Kei though is he has a total disregard for his own life and this brings up a really complex issue between the MC and Kei. As it turns out when your in love having someone who is actively trying to die for you isn’t as cracked up as you think it’d be. In fact it’s heartbreaking because when you love someone the last you want is to be the reason their dead. Kei’s deathwish is a story in itself and learning about him will keep you on your toes.

Unlike Takeru Kei isn’t domineering but he’s also not like Mineo either. While he can be very sweet he also has an incredible strong sense of duty. While Mineo seemed a bit lost trying to figure out what he wants to do Kei is extremely driven. This gives him a lot of confidence that Mineo doesn’t have in the beginning. He’s also a pretty smart cookie, much to Takeru’s annoyance. Nothing really gets by Kei and he tends to have  a pretty good handle on what everyone is up too. The idea that he has his head in the clouds is really more of  a clever rouse if you ask me to get people to underestimate him. The best part of Kei is that he is 100% comfortable being himself. I think we could all use a bit of his confidence.

While the MC and Kei do discover more about X-Day and Adonis this route is interesting because of how Kei’s motivation changes. While Mineo and Takeru start out trying to figure X-Day and Adonis, Kei’s motivation really starts with protecting the MC. Taking down Adonis will save the MC so that’s what he’s going to do. It’s a different dynamic to begin with because Kei’s reason for saving the MC don’t really start off as selfless. In away he’s doing it more for himself. So it’s interesting to watch him change as he begins to actually care for the MC. He still wants to protect her but his motivations aren’t just about himself anymore. Honestly all around great storytelling with this route!

If you enjoy a character who is down to earth and very caring of the MC you’re going to enjoy Kei’s route. He just has the personality of someone you can’t help but let in. Just ask the MC’s brother! Kei has away of pulling people to his side. Someone like that is an asset when you’re going against a shady organization like Adonis. As far as his death wish goes you’ll just have to play the game to find out his reasoning for that!

Happy gaming Grimms ❤

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