Five Things That Only Otaku Understand

Hey Grimms!

Welcome back to another exciting post. I thought we could have a little fun today so here are five things you’ll only understand if you are active on the otaku scene!

Number One: They’re Not Really Hot Unless Your Nosebleeds!


This is an ironclad rule in the anime/manga world and once you’ve been here long enough you completely forget that to the every day person this is actually really weird! I was watching a show with my husband once and he was so confused when one of the guys got a nosebleed after seeing a hot girl. He was like, “What the fuck is happening? Is he dying? Why’s he bleeding?” To which I responded, “Oh, she’s just hot you know what I mean? It happens all the time.” There was a few moments of silence before my husband said, “No it doesn’t!”

It does here babe. It does here.

Number Two: Did You Just Sneeze? Someone’s Talking Shit


Another rule that people of our prestige wouldn’t know about is that in anime/manga if you randomly sneeze that means someone is talking about you and it’s probably not nice things. Apparently it’s an old saying in Japan. Kind of like here (America) we say that when you randomly shiver it means someone is walking over your grave… Only not as creepy and used a lot for comedic relief. Since it used so often though I find myself using it in everyday life and forgetting not everyone religiously watches anime (their loss).


Someone sneezes

Me (jokingly): Who’d you piss off?

Them: What?

Me: You know because you sneezed.

Them: *Utter Silence *




Me: I meant bless you?

End Scene.

Number Three: Whoa, Whoa, WHOA! There’s A New Intro/Outro?!

I do not know of any other fanbase that gets as pumped as we do for our favorite anime to get their new intro/outro song. Seriously we get HYPED!!!!! And we REMEMBER! You can play the intro song to anyone’s favorite anime and they’ll be able to tell you exactly what was going on in the show at the time. Like legit, where are my Naruto fans? I’m about to hit you with a Shippuden opening that I KNOW you can’t tell me doesn’t give you chills when you hear it because you automatically think of where the characters are in the storyline.

After all these years it still gets me hyped.

Number Four: Time… We Don’t Do That Here

And not a single one of them has aged a day…

The rules of time do not apply in anime or manga. Writers look at time as more of a suggestion than an actual steadfast and socially accepted concept.

Chopper from One Piece can only stay in Beast Mode for three minutes and yet somehow through the power of anime magic that three minuets can last two episodes.

What’s this? We need Goku to take Frieza down in five minutes? Don’t worry fam, that’s half a season anime time.

Karasuno is finally going to play Shiratorizawa in a volleyball game that would usually last an hour to an hour and a half? Hold my beer because anime is about to turn this into an entire goddamn season.

Number Five: But Did You Die?

Or they just don’t die at all and comeback four episodes later like nothing happened. I’m looking at you Brownbeard from One Piece.

This is a serious question that every anime/manga fan is constantly asking character because we NEVER KNOW! You’ll think someone is down for the count and surprise, they rally and are back in the fight.

How many times has Goku, “died”.


The worst part about this is as a fan we begin to think all the characters are invincible so when someone actually dies it’s heartbreaking. They’ll die and your soul while be in endless torment and some bro who doesn’t know the first thing about the anime life will be like, “Well obviously he was going to die from that.”

First of all I didn’t come here to fight BUT since I’m here I’ve seen this man rally from a hole the size of a watermelon in his damn STOMACH and comeback to kick some villain ass! So yeah, I’m surprised by this!

Well there you have it Grimms, five things you only understand when you’re all about that otaku life. Which ones on the list really resonate with you? Also anything you think I should’ve added? Let me know in the comments below.

Love you ❤

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7 thoughts on “Five Things That Only Otaku Understand

  1. Just last weekend I had some friends over who decided to try Assassination Classroom. We got to the episodes introducing the female teacher and suddenly I found myself having to explain why anime boys get sudden nose bleeds.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. If an anime intro is so good, I will crank up the volume and rock out. I never get tired of the nosebleed gags. They make me laugh. Keep on writing! 🙂


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