Supporting GrimmGirl

Hey Grimms!

Need some ideas on how you can help support GrimmGirl so that I can continue to crank out content? Look no further!


Just by doing any of the above things you help GrimmGirl become a better site. The fact that you enjoy my content truly helps give me confidence that I should keep going. It’s pretty cool to watch a show for example and think to myself, “I wonder what the other Grimms thinks of this? I should type something up.” Not only does it help me but it also helps other people find this site. The more traffic on here the more visability it receives. By being here you are supporting me! Thank you.


You know what they say, sharing is caring! When you come across a post that you dig and share it you help expose GrimmGirl to a new audience. That’s pretty cool not to mention supportive! When I find out someone has shared my work I can’t help but feel a little in awe that you felt my post was worth sharing with another. It makes my day.

My Patreon

My goal is to keep GrimmGirl Ad free. I just can’t justify allowing there to be ads that I don’t approve of running rampant on my site. As you all know GrimmGirl is cruelty free. Without being able to completely control what ads run my site could be used to promote products that tests on animals. I would feel completely hypocritical if I profited off of ads like that! My Patreon helps me financially the way ads would. With this I can pay to keep my domain name, buy items I use for review posts, and work towards bigger goals… Like someday hiring an editor. You all know I need one with some of these misspelled posts!

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My Ko-fi

I am always looking for new experiences to bring to GrimmGirl. I think it makes for a more fun filled site don’t you? Right now my Ko-fi goal is to raise money to attend my first con and put together my first cosplay! I want to start incorporating cosplay on GrimmGirl and my Ko-fi helps me to do it. When you break it down cosplaying incorporates everything that GrimmGirl is… an Otaku with style and makeup! I truly appreciate your help in expanding GrimmGirl and I can’t wait to begin this new chapter.

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